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Product Description

Normal CZPT s Introduction:
Materials: DIN GG20, GG25 or or C1045 metal, For each batch of casting, inspection certification which includes chemcial composition, tensile energy, hardness etc will be examined & issued For each batch metal materials, subsupplier will offer content certificate issued by steel plant.

Machining: Precesion machining for pulley with stock bore, taper bore and gear.
Complete: Black oxide for steel CZPT s, Black phosphate for cast iron CZPT s.

Merchandise Description:
We are main supplier of all types of sprocket, special sprocket, chain wheel, taper lock, pulley, chain coupling, shaft, CZPT and so on.

Sprocket with pilot bore, sprocket with ending bore, sprocket with taper bore, sprocket with keyway, sprocket with screw set, sprocket with hub, basic sprocket, duplex sprocket, triplex sprocket and so on. When you provide enquiry, please permit us know the surface treatment method of sprocket(gray, blackened and so on), teeth therapy(heat-treatment method on enamel or not), normal(KANA, SATI and so on) with each other with depth item. If you need particular sprocket, please ship us drawing or send us sample. Please feel totally free to contact with us with your depth request.

Each and every sort of normal sprocket item
1. Rang of merchandise
25/35/forty/forty one/50/60/eighty/100/a hundred and twenty/140/one hundred sixty/a hundred and eighty/200/240
2. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm
The series of concluded-bore sprocket
one. Rang of product
35/40/forty one//fifty/sixty/eighty/100/a hundred and twenty/one hundred forty/a hundred and sixty
2. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm
Taper bore sprocket of BTL collection
one. Rang of product
35/forty/41//fifty/60/eighty/one hundred/120/a hundred and forty/one hundred sixty
two. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm.
Max. Coordinated taper bush: 8065
Taper bore sprocket of QTL serie
1. Rang of products
35/forty/41//50/sixty/eighty/a hundred/120/140/one hundred sixty/two hundred
2. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm.
Max. Coordinated QD go over: N
STL taper bore sprockets
one. Rang of goods
35/40/forty one//fifty/60/80/a hundred/a hundred and twenty/one hundred forty/one hundred sixty/200
two. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm.
Max. Coordinated Browning cover: U2
Molten sprocket wheel
one. Rang of merchandise
06B/08B/10B/12B/16B/20B/24B(technological-bore & BTL taper bore)
We really feel honoured to offer you produced to purchase solution.
two. CZPT . Processing diameter: ø =1450mm. CZPT . Coordinated taper
Bush: 5050
3. CZPT . CZPT ght of the casting 2000kg.
Coarse pitch conveyor sprocket
1. Rang of product
BTL taper bore sprocket of common sequence
1. Rang of item
35/40/50/60/eighty/100/120/a hundred and forty/one hundred sixty
Flat-prime conveyor sprockets
one. Rang of solution
P 1/2″

Item  06B  08B  10B  12B  16B  20B 24B   28B

one. Clean the shaft, the interior and outer holes of the bushing, and the inner hole of the hub. Get rid of any oil, paint or filth, place the bushing on the hub, and match the fifty percent holes to make entire holes (each complete hole will only be threaded on one particular facet). Frivolously oil the threads and details of established screws or the threads and heads of cap screws. Loosely location the screws in the threaded holes on the hub facet. Make certain the bushing is free on the hub. Snap the assembly onto the shaft and place it in the sought after position. Tighten the screws alternately and evenly till all are tight 5. Hammer the big stop of the bushing with a hammer and block or socket to keep away from hurt. The screw can now be turned slightly to the specified torque setting. Repeat this alternating hammering and screw retightening until the specified torque is attained. Fill all holes with grease to get rid of grime.
china near me shop OEM Manufacturer Chain Sprocket/ Stainless Steel Sproket/ Roller Chain Sprockets manufacturers