china wholesaler Sprocket, Special Sprocket, Chain Wheel, Industrial Sprocket manufacturers

Product Description

We are primary provider of all sorts of sprocket&comma special sprocket&comma chain wheel&comma taper lock&comma pulley&comma chain coupling&comma shaft&comma CZPT and so on&period of time

Materials&colon DIN GG20&comma GG25 or or C1045 metal&period

For each batch of casting&comma inspection certificate such as chemcial composition&comma tensile toughness&comma hardness and many others will be tested & issued&semi

For each and every batch steel substance&comma subsupplier will supply material certificate issued by metal plant&period

Machining&colon Precesion machining for pulley with stock bore&comma taper bore and gear&period of time

Merchandise Description
Sprockets&comma sprocket for industrial use&comma industrial sprocket&comma sprocket wheel&comma pinion&comma sprocket wheel&comma chain wheel&comma black sprocket&comma iron sprocket&comma steel sprocket&comma c45 sprocket&comma solid iron sprocket&comma aluminium sprocket&comma aluminum sprocket&comma alumina sprocket&comma copper sprocket&comma ss sprocket&comma stainless steel sprocket&comma ss304 sprocket&comma specific sprocket&comma sprocket with keyway&comma regular sprocket&comma sprocket with spline&comma hardened sprocket&comma 06B sprocket&comma 08B sprocket&comma 10B sprocket&comma 12B sprocket&comma 16B sprocket&comma 20B sprocket&comma 24B sprocket&comma 28B sprocket&comma 32B sprocket&comma 36B sprocket&comma 40B sprocket&comma 48B sprocket&comma 25 sprocket&comma 35 sprocket&comma forty sprocket&comma fifty sprocket&comma sixty sprocket&comma eighty sprocket&comma one hundred sprocket&comma 120 sprocket&comma one hundred forty sprocket&comma a hundred and sixty sprocket&comma a hundred and eighty sprocket&comma two hundred sprocket&comma 240 sprocket

Regular or special sprocket as for each your drawing or sample CZPT
1&period Rang of item
twenty five&sol35&sol40&sol41&sol50&sol60&sol80&sol100&sol120&sol140&sol160&sol180&sol200&sol240
two&time period CZPT &period Processing diameter&colon ø &equals1450mm
The series of finished-bore sprocket
1&period of time Rang of solution
two&period of time CZPT &interval Processing diameter&colon ø &equals1450mm
Taper bore sprocket of BTL sequence
one&time period Rang of item
2&interval CZPT &interval Processing diameter&colon ø &equals1450mm&period of time
Max&period Coordinated taper bush&colon 8065
Taper bore sprocket of QTL series
1&time period Rang of item
two&interval CZPT &time period Processing diameter&colon ø &equals1450mm&interval
Max&period of time Coordinated QD include&colon N
STL taper bore sprocket
one&period Rang of solution
two&period of time CZPT &interval Processing diameter&colon ø &equals1450mm&period
Max&interval Coordinated Browning cover&colon U2
Molten sprocket wheel
one&time period Rang of solution
06B&sol08B&sol10B&sol12B&sol16B&sol20B&sol24B&lpartechnological-bore & BTL taper bore&rpar
We come to feel honoured to offer you made to buy solution&period of time
two&period of time CZPT &time period Processing diameter&colon ø &equals1450mm&interval CZPT &time period Coordinated taper
Bush&colon 5050
3&interval CZPT &interval CZPT ght of the casting 2000kg&interval
Coarse pitch conveyor sprocket
1&time period Rang of item
BTL taper bore sprocket of regular collection
1&time period Rang of merchandise
Flat-leading conveyor sprockets
1&period Rang of solution
P 1&sol2″
Idle gear
one&time period Rang of product
Worm wheels &Worms
one&period Rang of solution&lpar Module M1M3&comma Force angle20°
two&time period Rang of merchandise&lpar diametral pitch 4DP16PD&comma
Pressure angle14&period5°
Cylindrical spur gears
1&period Rang of product&lpar Module M1M6&comma Pressure angle20° Pierce
two&period Rang of solution&lpar diametral pitch 4DP16PD&comma Strain angle20° &sol14&period5° &period STL taper bore
Straight bevel gear
1&period Rang of item&lpar Module M1&period5M5&comma Stress angle20° Pierce
two&interval Rang of item&lpar diametral pitch 4DP16PD&comma Pressure angle20° &sol14&period5° STL taper bore&period of time


china wholesaler Sprocket, Special Sprocket, Chain Wheel, Industrial Sprocket manufacturers