China 10xS20x18mm Iron Copper Fe Cu Outer Spherical Slide Bearing Bushing Fan Motor Bush Oil Sinter Bronze Bushing taper lock bushing

Applicable Industries: Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Retail, Food Shop, Printing Shops, Construction works , Energy & Mining, Food & Beverage Shops, Advertising Company
Model Number: FZ 10S20N18
Type: sleeve, Sleeve,Flange,Spherical,Square,Customized
Material: Copper Iron Metal Alloy,Bronze
Lubricating: Oil impregnated, Self lubricating
Oil Rate: >=18%
Application: Auto, Truck, Motor, Engine, Car, Electrical Fan, Juicer, Mixer
Standard: ISO2795, DIN1850 Part 3
Material Composition: Metal Base with oil sintered
Inner diameter: 10mm
Outer diameter: 20mm
Height: 18mm
Packaging Details: (1) Plastic bag; (2) Cartons; (3) Pallets

Iron-Copper Fe-Cu
Outer Spherical Slide Bearing Bushing
Fan Motor Bush
Oil Sinter Bronze Bushing

We can also produce this bushing in precision grade tolerance, please contact us for details.

FZ-Company InfoOur factory is in ISO9001 quality management system certificated. Equipment including sintering line, shaping line, gauge machines, NC high precision machines, CNC centers etc. Factory has its own mold room, automatic hydraulic machine, automatic mechanical presses, plastic machines, mesh belt furnace, vacuum furnace, high-precision EDM machine, lathe, copper smelting furnace, CNC and other mold processing equipment Our Main Products:Self-lubricating bearings, sintered gears, sintered cylindrical & spherical bushing and other mechanical structure parts. Technical Department of the existing number of senior engineers, technical personnel, quality inspection personnel and senior technical advisers to a variety of new products each day for different industries supporting the speed. FZ-Products InfoFZ Oil Sintered Bearing and Part is made of bronze or iron or stainless steel powder with lubricating oil vacuum sintered. It is mold pressed by high pressure then sintered in high temperature, after that, put it in high temperature vacuum and soaked in oil. This bearing is used in electrical appliances, power tools, textiles machinery and automobile industry. Like electrical fan, electrical motor, juicer, mixture, etc.

Sintered Bronze Bearings
Tin Bronze oil sintered self-lubricating bearing
Pb Bronze base oil sintered self-lubricating bearing
Graphite lubricant additive

Sintered Iron Bearings
Full Iron base self-lubricating bearing
Iron with copper base self-lubricating bearing

PM Sintered Parts
Sintered Gear
Sintered hardware
Mechanical parts

Short Code
Material Code
Bronze Material
Cu 90%-Sn 10%
Cu 18%-21%

PE oiIless dry bearing
It is wrapped by steel backing, Sinter bronze inter layer and PTFE CZPT anti-wear inner surface. Also it is name SF-1 bushing in China and DU,DP4,PAP P10 overseas. It is wildly used in hydraulic gear pumps, oil cylinder, oil Damping bushes and piston rings for automobiles and motorcycles and textile, food-stuff machines, etc.
PM Multi-layer bearing
is made of triple layer composites: carbon steel as base, porous bronze intermediate layer, POM & Pb (or non-Pb mixture) inner surface layer. The POM inner layer pressed with many oil pockets to store enough grease. Also it called SF-2 in China and DX,PAP P20 overseas.
The products are widely used in machinery industry, such as auto machines, punch machine, forging and pressing machine, vehicle chassis, lifting equipment, mining machinery, steel industry, etc.
WB Wrapped Bronze Bearing
is made of bronze plate with oil pockets or holes. It is a kind of wrapped greased (also sometimes graphite) lubricating bushing bearing. Bronze material normally in CuSn6.5 or CuSn8, the bronze is made as the particular formulation with high specific and gravity, and on its surface may be incorporated with spherical or CZPT shaped indentations or/and oil grooves as required by customers. The products are widely used in construction machinery, agricultural machinery and so on.
BM Bi-metal Bearing
It is made of steel-bronze-compound material with indents as reservoir for the grease. It has high load capacity, very good resistance to fatigue strength at higher temperatures. It is applicable in rough operation conditions. The products are widely used in mechanical handling and lifting equipment, hydraulic cylinders, agricultural equipment, off highway equipment.
Solid Bronze Bearing
It is manufactured using high tensile manganese bronze plugged with solid lubricants. Basic bronze alloy material is CuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3 with graphite (SL2) plugged, we also provide widely optional choice from CuSn5Pb5Zn5, CuAl10Fe5Ni5, CuSn12, and other standards materials.
Especially our company have developed the SL4 solid lubricants for water contacting applications like jet, propeller, ship, boatyard, offshore platform, hydraulic turbine etc.
These products are mainly used in applications of high load & moderate speed. It has the ability to withstand the temperature up to 400C. We also have the capability to develop these bushes and plates as per any specifications of our clients.

Packaging & ShippingNormal package: plastic bag + carton;
Extra Wooden Case or Pallet is available if required.

We will ship out the goods from HangZhou Plant or HangZhou Warehouse according to the stock status.

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China 10xS20x18mm Iron Copper Fe Cu Outer Spherical Slide Bearing Bushing Fan Motor Bush Oil Sinter Bronze Bushing     taper lock bushing	China 10xS20x18mm Iron Copper Fe Cu Outer Spherical Slide Bearing Bushing Fan Motor Bush Oil Sinter Bronze Bushing     taper lock bushing
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