china Custom 1614983600 Air Compressor Rubber Stainless Steel Coupling Flexible Connector for manufacturers

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Rubber CZPT s CZPT Steel CZPT Flexible Connector for Air CZPT  
Place of Origin:
ZheJiang , CZPT (Mainland)
Brand Identify:
omega coupling, CZPT
Design Number:
adaptable coupling, CZPT elements
omega coupling
Air compressor CZPT
Standard for E50
Black / purple / yellow
1 Personal computer for CZPT CZPT
2 to 3 operating working day right after payment
Carton for CZPT CZPT
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Particulars:
Carton for CZPT CZPT
Supply Element:
two to 3 day after payment for CZPT CZPT
omega coupling for screw CZPT rubber coupling alternative omega coupling E50
one.  omega coupling for Air CZPT s 
two.Prime good quality with realistic price 
3.Personlized package 
four.OEM offered,A&V Checked 

Supply  omega coupling for  Air CZPT  
one. omega coupling for Air CZPT s
two.Serious Generation Lines 
three.Best top quality with affordable cost
four.Personlized bundle
five.OEM offered,A&V Checked
one,Split in half design for simple installation, maintain free       
2,High misalignment capacity            
3,Facility protection for twirl, twist, impact and abrasion             
4,No lubrication for polyurethane flex element       
five,Available for bore to size hubs and taper lock bushes        
6,Very low noice         
one,Determining the theory torque according to input power and turning speed                                                 
2,Determining the operating torque by multiplying service factors, such as operating factor, safety factor, engine factor, temperture factor…                                                                                        
3,Selecting the proper type of coupling which has the valued torque little more than 
the operating torque                                                 
one,Mounting one hub to shaft, putting another loose for adjustment of space
two,Putting one half around hubs and securing with cap screws
three,Mouting another half to match the first half element, tighten all cap screws


screw CZPT CZPT  
with higher good quality and minimal price 


Businesss scope


                             CZPT scope
Mechanical Seal :
Temperature Sensor Strain Sensor
Servicing Kits Solenoid Valve Thermostatic Valve
Air intake Wheel Gear
Pressure Maintaining   Valve
Air CZPT Oil Separator Oil CZPT
Oil Amount Indicator Circuit Board CZPT Management Air intake valve
Used CZPT Air-end Oil amount indicator


Packing and shipping


Additional info


No Model Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5/8bar 10bar 13bar
one GA5P FM .9 .eight .seven .five five
2 GA7P FM one.2 1.1 one .eight 7
three GA11P FM 1.6 1.5 one.2 11
four GXe15P FM two.58 2.36 2.eighteen 1.eighty one fifteen
five GXe18P FM three.fifteen three.01 2.61 two.23 18
6 GXe22P FM three.61 3.5 two.7 22
7 GAe11P two 1.9 one.six one.two 11
eight GAe15P two.7 2.five 2.3 one.nine 15
9 GAe18P 3.three 3.1 2.three eighteen
ten GAe22P three.8 three.7 three.three two.8 22
11 GAe26P four.3 4 3.7 three.1 26
twelve GAe30P 4.8 4.5 four.3 thirty
thirteen GA11+P 2.1 2 one.eight 1.5 11
14 GA15+P two.8 2.6 2.4 2 15
15 GA18+P three.5 3.three two.nine two.five 18
16 GA22+P three.nine three.five three 22
seventeen GA26+P 4.8 4.six 4.two three.six 26
eighteen GA30P five.4 five.two 4.eight four.1 thirty
19 GA30+AP six.1 6.(8bar) four.8 three.9 30
twenty GA37AP six.four 6.3(8bar) 5.six 4.five 37
21 GA37+AP 6.9(8bar) 5.nine 4.nine 37
22 GA45AP 7.3(8bar) 6.five five.5 forty five
23 GA45+AP eight.six eight.(8bar) 7.three 45
24 GA55AP ten nine.3(8bar) 8.6 seven.4 55
25 GA55+(A/W)P ten.six 10.1(8bar) eight.7 ~~~ 55
26 GA75AP 12.3(8bar) eleven 9.7 75
27 GA75+(A/W)P fourteen.7 13.8(8bar) 12.two 10.two 75
28 GA90(A/W)P 16.2 15.6(8bar) fourteen.1 12 ninety
Desk 2            
No Model Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 14bar
1 GA90-(W) 16.eight 15.8 fourteen.four 90
two GA110(W) 20 eighteen.eight seventeen 13.nine one hundred ten
three GA132(W) 24.1 22.nine 21 16.eight 132
4 GA160(W) 30.four 28.9 26.8 21.7 160
No Model Gas displacement m3/min Power(kw)
 7.5bar  8.5bar 10bar 13bar
five GA200(W) 36.1 34 200
6 GA250(W) forty forty 37.8 31.7 250
7 GA315(W) fifty five 52 48   315
eight GA355(W) sixty 57 53 forty six 355


Conical locking bushings have been rooted in normal and sequence drives as a basic hub-to-hub link. EP gives a complete assortment of push aspects, both standard, and customized. These elements are offered from inventory in regular dimensions 1008 to 5050 and special dimensions 6050 to 10085 for all internal diameters. Reward from our huge merchandise range, substantial storage warehouses, short-phrase availability, and the probability to rapidly create customized goods from one provider.
china Custom 1614983600 Air Compressor Rubber Stainless Steel Coupling Flexible Connector for manufacturers